About LAMA

Now in it’s 25th and final year!

615 7th Street
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

The 25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards:  The 25th Annual LA Music Awards is a milestone event, any way you look at it.  With nearly 100 entertainment industry artist success stories under our belts since our founding in 1991, this awards program continues to lead the way in Hollywood and around the world at breaking new talent into the commercial marketplace.  In 2015, we will go back to our roots for our most exclusive, mostly invitation only yearly red carpet extravaganza.  With TWO red carpet press events in June and September that may precede a series of special television events in November at the Avalon Theater, artist nominees who are part of the awards process this year will be presented with incredible opportunities for mass media exposure like never before.

Our 25th Annual LA Music Awards will go back to its Sunset Strip roots that began in 1991.  We will revamp the Whisky A Go-Go with amazing decor and a four foot wide stage extension, as well as bring back some of our biggest music industry success stories from the past 25 years.  We are also restructuring the program to a more stream lined system with just four major categories for electronic voting purposes: Rock, Pop, Country and International Artist categories.  There will be just 10 nominees in these categories, so if you want to win a nomination for this milestone event, you should submit your music today.  Good luck and we will see you on the red carpets in June and September.

The Los Angeles Music Awards is a media branding company that seeks to publicly represent qualified, independent artists and bands for mass media opportunities related to the production of our yearly series of on-going press events in Los Angeles. Our events are in multiple Hollywood area locations, and offer our preferred clients the biggest audiences at the most prestigious venues.  We also extend offers of participation in additional high profile press events for those who have the talent and resources to become celebrities in the fields of music, television and film.  Our publicity team is the best in the industry at raising our clients profiles to celebrity public figure status.  To learn more about our team of expert publicists, check out emrmedia.com

The Los Angeles Music Awards was the first event of its kind that presented a Grammy style format for lesser known artists or bands.  Our business model is identical to our counterparts at the Producers Guild of America Awards, the Director’s Guild of America Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.  Like those other programs, ours too is based on ad campaigns and event support.  Like them as well, our program requires you to have a superb product to win a nomination, and then the popularity to become an award recipient. Our process is challenging, and it requires active participation in at least TWO of our yearly press events.  Therefore, since 1991, our nominees have always been asked to do the very basics when it comes to their own publicity and promotion: attend ALL of our press events during our red carpet event production year.
Entertainment industry heavyweights recognize our program as the premiere event for independent artists to utilize the benefits of participation as a marketing tool to advance themselves in the commercial marketplace.  With over 100 members of the international press covering our red carpet events, 2015 promises to deliver a positive experience for our preferred clients as it has for the past 24 consecutive years.  Media list provided upon request. 

Like we have done every year since 1991, we once again dedicate this years program to the memory of Bill Gazzarri, the Godfather of Rock n’ Roll.  May he rest in peace!