Celebrity Recipients

JJ Villar: Career Achievement Choreographer: Michael Jackson One Show
Sally Kirkland: Lifetime Achievement On Screen Musical Portrayals
Danielle Bisutti: Special Achievement Alumni Award
Sir Harry Cowell: Lifetime Achievement Rock Revival Show
Brad Mercer: Lifetime Achievement Rock Radio DJ
Allan Rich: Career Achievement Songwriter
Freddie Salem: Lifetime Achievement Studio Sessions and Touring
Sean McNabb: Career Achievement Bassist
Courtney Bingham-Sixx: Social Media Person of the Year
Jack Russell’s Great White: Lifetime Achievement Male Vocalist
Ken Davitian: Los Angeles Character Actor
Susan Pinsky: Talk Radio Show Host of the Year
Robbie Lochner: Special Achievement Alumni Award
Max Wasa: Career Achievement Music Producer
Andy Dick: Career Achievement for Comedic Performances
Rayvon Owen: Rising Star Award
Debby Holiday: Special Achievement Alumni Award
Billy West: Lifetime Achievement for Film and TV Voices
David Osborne: The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
Mitch Perry: Career Achievement Rock Guitarist
Jason Ebs: Career Achievement Frontman
Alan Niven: Lifetime Achievement Music Management and Producer
Les Warner: Career Achievement Rock Drummer
Thaddeus Kalinoski: Outstanding Actor Portrayal for Las Vegas Hangover Tour
Chuck Wright: Creative Community Special Achievement: The Ultimate Jam Night
Alki David: Lifetime Achievement Media Mogul

** Riki Rachtman: Lifetime Achievement Award for Live Event Promotion
Riki Rachtman received his award on Thursday, August 13th at the Cathouse Live Pre-party at St. Felix in Hollywood.