Al Bowman and LAMA History

During the mid-80’s, Al Bowman, also known as “The Limoman.”

He was immersed in the music industry as the limo driver for the elite of rock-n-roll.

As a  musician, the “Limoman” has several recordings to his credit. 

During a fateful meeting in 1991, Godfather of Rock, the legendary Bill Gazzarri, gave Al his blessing to be the voice of independent music in Los Angeles!

Al started the Los Angeles Music Awards shortly after that 1991 meeting, as a tribute to honor local musicians and help them gain exposure for their recordings and live performances.

Throughout it’s  journey, the  Los Angeles Music Awards has continued annually for the past 25 years at various venues in the greater Los Angeles area including The Whisky-A-Go-Go, Roxy, House of Blues, Hollywood Palladium, Beverly Hilton, Qtopia, Music Box Theater, Paramount Studios and the Avalon in Hollywood.

December 17th, 1991 – 1st Annual LA Music Awards -The Mardi Gras – Long Beach, CA. – Attendance: 262

June 9th, 1992 – 2nd Annual LA Music Awards – The Mardi Gras – Long Beach, CA. – Attendance: 340

December 22nd, 1993 – 3rd Annual LA Music Awards – The Strand – Redondo Beach, CA. – Attendance: 355

October 8th, 1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards – The Roxy Theater – West Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 464

September 17th, 1995 – 5th Annual LA Music Awards – The Strand – Redondo Beach, CA. – Attendance: 550

October 6th, 1996 – 6th Annual LA Music Awards – The Roxy Theater – West Hollywood, CA – Attendance: 660

December 16th, 1997 – 7th Annual LA Music Awards – Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 778

November 16th, 1998 – 8th Annual LA Music Awards – House of Blues – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,300

November 18th, 1999 – 9th Annual LA Music Awards – House of Blues – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,300

1999 Award Recipients
* Outstanding Independent Rock Album: Alien Ant Farm “Greatest Hits”
* Outstanding Independent Pop Album: Fisher One” (Rawfish Records – Ron Wasserman)
* Outstanding Independent Single: My Sister Amazing “Even”
* Outstanding Female Singer / Songwriter: Larisa Stow
* Outstanding Male Singer / Songwriter: Joe Brucato
* Outstanding Rock Artist: Beyond Control
* Outstanding Modern Rock Artist: Even Rude
* Outstanding Pop Artist: Girl Next Door
* Outstanding National Artists: Big Zen & East of Eden
* Outstanding Orange County Artist: Anyone
* Outstanding R&B Artist: Jermayne Gordon
* Outstanding Hip/Hop/Rap Artist: Trig
* Outstanding Techno/Industrial Artist: Full Frequency
* Outstanding Latin Artist: Claudia Brant
* Outstanding Music Video: Sekou “Verbally Disturbed” Sylvain White
* Special Achievement Award: The Cohen Brothers
* Special Achievement Award: Soulshock & Karlin
* Lifetime AAchievement Award : Paul Rodgers
* MVP Award: Slash Super Side Man Award: Howard Leese
* Michelle Winter Gracenote Award: Bill Winter
* Outstanding Guitarist: Lauren Ellis
* Outstanding Guitarist: Danny Hartwell
* Outstanding Drummer/Percussionist: Viirgil Donati
* Outstanding Violinist: Cara C
* Outstanding Sax/Harmonica: Jimmy Z
* Outstanding Keyboards: Teddy Zig-Zag Andreas
* Outstanding Country Artist: Raven Wylder
* Outstanding Blues Artist: KK Martin
* Outstanding Male Vocalist: Scott Kail(“Wonderland”)
* Outstanding Female Vocalist: Mary Ellis
* Outstanding Group Vocals: Jackson Millar
* Outstanding Venue: The Gig (Hollywood)
* Outstanding Management: Melissa Dishell
* Outstanding Music Publication: Music Connection Magazine
* Outstanding Music Journalist: Scott G
* Outstanding Photographer: Lucia
* Outstanding Radio Disc Jockey: Kaptain Kaos
* Outstanding Indie Record Label: Gonzo Records
* Outstanding Fashion Designer: Terri King
* Outstanding Attorney: Carl A “Tony” Capozzola

November 21st, 2000 – 10th Annual LA Music Awards – Beverly Hilton – Beverly Hills, CA. – Attendance: 1,110

Hosts and presenters included Tommy Chong, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Joe Walsh, Peter Tork, Slash, Larry Flynt, Jackson Browne, Spencer Davis, Kathy Valentine, Paula Abdul and Todd Newton, Jim Ladd, Slash,Paul Rodgers

Mayor Richard J. Riordan declares November 21st 2000, “LA Music Awards Day”

November 8th, 2001 – The 11th Annual LA Music Awards – The Whisky A Go-Go – West Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 565

November 14th 2002 – Angels on Earth Music For Healing Foundation Awards

The Angels on Earth Music For Healing Foundation,  presented Al Bowman with a Career Achievement Award.

November 18th, 2002 – 12th Annual LA Music Awards – The Whisky A Go-Go – West Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 654

2002 Award Recipients
* Outstanding Music Video: Harley Krishna: ” Walk on Water”
* Publication of the Year: Rock City News
* Attorney of the Year: Michael Rosenstein
* Rock Opera of the Year: Mojo Man
* 30 Years of Service to Music: Mario Maglieri
* Spiritual Artist of the Year: Joshua Poet
* Lifetime Achievement Award for Local Music: Bill Hartew 95.5 KLOS
* Electronica Album of the Year: Grin Groove by G-Man
* Best 9/11 Trubute Album: Guitars For Freedom: Marino DeSilva/producer
* R&B Album of the Year: Sirena
* R&B Artist of the Year: Little Sista
* Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year: Emily Young
* Best Use of Independent music in a feature film: Bob Lee
* Tribute Band of the Year: Whole Lotta Rosies
* Outstanding Guitar Performance: Jerry James: AKA
* Independent Rock Artist of the Year (National): Agrokulcher
* Bassist of the Year: Bill Gower
* Independent Pop Artist of the Year (National): The
* Shenanigans: Los Angeles, Calif.
* Latina Pop Artist of the Year: Mariana G.
* Modern Industrial Rock Band of the Year: Rakit
* Independent Pop Album of the Year (National): SecondChance: “The Right and Wrong”
* Most Successful Independent Distribution: Peach
* Rhythm Section of the Year: T.M. Burr & Bill Gower: Agrokulcher
* Outstanding Drummer: Chris Dalley: Second Chance
* Hip Hop Album of the Year: Bonafied: “Lavish Lifestyles” Prodigee Records
* Female Singer / Songwriter (L.A.): Jeddrah Schmidt
* Female Vocalist of the Year (L.A.): Emily Young
* Independent Record Label of the Year: Metal Mayhem Music
* Most Creative Marketing: Betty Dylan
* Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year (L.A.): BarryGibson
* A&R Exec. of the Year: 7 albums to market in 2002: Ronnie Borchert
* Independent Single of The Year: (Male) Harley Krishna:” Walk on Water”
* (Female) Alicia Vogel/The Shenanigans “Dream”
* Modern Rock Artist of the Year: Alone
* Male Vocalist of the Year (L.A.): Matt Dejoy: Agrokulcher
* Independent Rock Album of the Year: Tommy Lee Flood: “Flood” Thrillseeker Records
* MVP Rapid Ascent Award: Alicia Vogel
* Independent EP of the Year: The Unknown Project
* Live Performance Awards: Mojo Man, Joshua Poet, Sirena, Emily Young, Tommy Lee, Flood, Backyard Pimps, Rakit, Barry Gibson, Second Chance, Kova, The Almighty Grind, Nektare, Alicia Vogel & The Shenanigans, Agrokulcher, The Unknown Project, Days of Rage, Whole, Lotta Rosies

Al with Mario Maglieri and Adrienne Frantz

November 22nd, 2003 – 13th Annual LA Music Awards – Q-Topia – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,162

2003 Award Recipients
* Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Mark Latham
* Male Vocalist of the Year: Andrew Woodworth (Virgil)
* Independent Rock Artist of the Year: Shadrack
* Independent Pop Artist of the Year: Chelle
* R&B Artist of the Year: Fantasy
* Electronica Artist of the Year: Spacedrums
* Guitarist of the Year: Tommy Bruno (Pinhead)
* Bassist of the Year: Bec (Sick Sex)
* Independent Jazz Artist of the Year: Rob Mullins
* Special Achievement in R&B: Cookie Brown
* Female Singer / Songwriter: Daniella Bisutti
* Independent Rock Album of the Year: The Almighty Grind “Look At Yourself”
* Independent Pop Album of the Year: Katrina Carlson “Untucked” (Kataphonic Records)
* R&B Album of the Year: Impromp2 “The Definition of Love” (Big 3 Records)
* Independent Single of The Year: Kartina Carlson “Dive” (Kataphonic Records)
* Drummer of the Year: Rod Arias (Demize)
* Outstanding Music Video: Ohm “Tu Moon”
* Adult Contemporary Album of the Year: Jamie Green (“Truce”, Red Haired Creeper Records)
* Independent Rock en Espanol Artist of the Year: Nefalim
* Lifetime Achievement Award: Elizabeth Sabine
* Electronic Press Kit of the Year: Daniella Bisutti
* Latin Performer of the Year: LunaLoka
* Special Achievement in Songwriting: Danny Blitz
* Posthumus Award: Rana Ross
* Publication of the Year: Music Connection
* Radio Disc Jockey of the Year: Dirty Dave of KCLA fm
* Artist Manager of the Year: Brent Harvey
* Independent Record Label of the Year: Big3 Records
* Attorney of the Year: Angelyne Gates
* Comedy Album of the Year: Count Smokula
* Electronica Drummer of the Year: Stefano “The Machine” Ashbridge( Rakit)
* Special Achievement for contributions to the Sunset Strip: Len Fagan
* Spiritual Album of the Year: Talkin’ To Angels (prod; Marino DsSilva)
* Dance Trance Artist of the Year: Spacedrums
* Composer of the Year: Christine Anderson
* Neosoul Artist of the Year: Stone Paxton
* Instrumental Album of the Year: RDG
* The Complete Package Award: Cassandra Delaney Denver
* Moder Industrial Rock Band of the Year: Rakit
* Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year: Gregory Scott
* Country Album of the Year: Maureena
* Oustanding Independent Marketing: Jeddrah Schmidt
* Independent Hard Rock Band of the Year: Demize
* Spoken Word Album of the Year: Stephen Jacobs, “This World” Chui Music Group
* Solo Artist of the Year: Kova
* Special Achievement in Local Production: James Lay
* Lifetime of Influence Award: Don Deal
* Choice for Blues Artist of the Year: Mama’s Boys
* Rock Opera of the Year: Elvis Schoenberg and the Symphony of the Absurd
* Outstanding New Independent Rock Release: Harley Krishna
* Independent Hip Hop Album of the Year: Del Ray – Del Funk Boy Music
* Independent Hip Hop Artist of the Year: Holy Ghost
* Instrumental Artist of the Year: Jeff Findl
* Inland Empire Band of the Year: Second Chance
* Independent Celebrity Make-Up Artist of the Year: Stephenie’s Manhattan
* Venue of the Year: Level One
* Image Award: Johnny Miller (Dave Altman Project)
* Special Achievement in Multi-media Music Education: Joseph Love Producer/Director
* Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year: Anna Montgomery

November 18th, 2004 – 14th Annual LA Music Awards – The Music Box Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,052

2004 Award Recipients
* Independent Music Video of the Year: Angie Mattson: “Drive”
* Independent Male Singer / Songwriter of the Year: Michael Tiernan
* Independent Male Pop Artist of the Year: Fighting Iris
* Independent Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year: Jennifer Appelquist
* Independent Pop Album of the Year: Berry Bly
* Independent Rock Album of The Year: Virgil: “My Paradise” Virgil Music
* Independent AAA Album of the Year: Shannon Eileen
* Independent Female Singer / Songwriter of the Year: Franki Love
* Independent Live Performance Artist of the Year: Ginger Lewis
* Independent Rock Artist of the Year: Nine24
* Independent Female Vocalist of the Year: Wendy Lee
* Independent Male Vocalist of the Year: Aaron Cuadra
* Independent Female Pop Artist of the Year: Angie Mattson
* Independent Hip Hop Artist of the Year: White Mike
* Independent Hip Hop Album of the Year: Zi: “Wait’ll They Get A Load Of Zi”
* Shep Gordon Lifetime Achievement Award: Trevor Rabin (Atomic Toast Productions)
* Outstanding Performance by Male Actor in Feature Film About Music: Jack Black “School of Rock”
* Outstanding Performance by Female Actor in Feature Film About Music: Gina Gershon “Prey for Rock n’ Roll.”
* Adult Alternative Album of the Year: Jared Mason
* Posthmous Award presentation: J.J. Jackson, presented by Jim Ladd.
* Special Achievement Award, multiple appearances in prime time: ABC network television: Ballantine
* Outstanding New Artist Debut Performance: “Hollywood High featuring Glitter Rose”
* Independent Americana Single Of the Year: The Micheal Smith Band
* Latin Artist of the Year: Pete Escovedo and his Latin Jazz Orchestra
* Special Achievement Award: Linda Septien for the Septien Group: Dallas, Texas
* Rock Revival Act of the Year: Bridge of Sighs, Featuring Tom Neely
* Distinguished Career in Drumming: Bill Lordan
* Compilation CD of the Year: The Magic, Blues Idol Records
* Independent Gospel Album of the Year: The Fabulous Imperial Gospel Singers, “When I Rise”
* Frontman of the Year: Perk!
* Independent Rock Guitarist of the Year: Tom Neely
* Independent AC Single of the Year: Danielle Bisutti, “In Passing”
* Independent Blues Album of the Year: Peach ” The Real Thing” Blues Rock Records
* Independent New Comer Award: Cierra Lynch
* Country Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Maureena Danicar
* Independent Latin Album of the Year: Luna Loka, “Hola Mi Corazon!”
* Country Music Video of the Year: Ginger Lewis
* Independent Country Music Artist of the Year: Brent Payne
* Independent Funk Music Artist of the Year: Tony Ozier
* Humanitarian of the Year: Trish Adams
* Outstanding Use of Independent Music in a Reality Television Series: Bobby Goldstein
* Outstanding Use of Independent Music in a Documentary: Critical Mass by Finis Productions
* Independent Instrumental EP of the Year: Jason Hook
* Independent Music & Poetry EP of the Year:UFOetry
* Modern Rock Album of the Year: Red Delicous
* Recording Engineer of the Year: Rob King
* Southern California Venue of the Year: Pechanga Theater
* Independent Electronica Album of the Year:Spacedrums
* Independent Trance Artist of the Year: G-Man: Platinum Age of Re-Mix
* Best New Artist Relations Vendor and Manufacturer: Spirit Musical Products International, Inc.
* Special Achievement: Jazz Artist: Rob Mullins
* Special Achievement: Solo Artist: Kova
* Independent Jazz Ensemble of the Year: Matt Roberts
* Special Achivement: Pop Artist: Cindy Alexander
* Independent Legacy of Metal Award:: Kim LaChance, Vixen
* Independent Vocal Group of the Year:: la la Divine
* Independent Americana Album of the Year: Deborah Bishop
* Independent Crossover Artist of the Year: Nashville Chance
* Independent Hard Rock Artist of the Year: Slavedriverthirteen
* Independent Heavy Metal Band of the Year: Days of Rage
* Independent International Songs of Peace: H.E.L.P.
* Independent Electronic Orchestra of the Year: Bodhisattva 13:20
* Indy Pop Single of the Year: Matthew Ross
* Independent Rock Single of the Year: Shelby “I Am”
* Independent International World Music Band of the Year:: Beyou
* Independent R&B Album of the Year: Lexie Cole
* Independent R&B Album of the Year: Christal Ray
* Independent Cabaret Artist of the Year: Veronique Cyphyre
* Independent Spoken Word Album of the Year: Natharis Brandon
* Independent Alternative Rock Band of the Year: Faceles
* Independent Band Manager of the Year: Skip Seip
* Independent Drummer of the Year: Mike Taylor
* Special Achievement in Independent Film: Joseph Love

December 2004 – LA Music Awards supports the troops at Guantanamo Bay

February 2005 – LA Music Awards supports the troops at Guantanamo Bay

July 4th 2005 – LA Music Awards supports the troops at Guantanamo Bay


November 9th, 2005 – 15th Annual LA Music Awards – The Music Box Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 968

2005 Award Recipients
* Male Singer / Songwriter of the Year: Keaton Simons
* Male Vocalist: Chris Johnson: Blues Train
* Rock Artist of the Year: Manwhore
* Adult Alternative Artist: Julie Gribble
* Pop Album: Seth Swirsky, “Instant Pleasure”
* Alternative Rock Band: You, Me & Iowa
* Female Singer / Songwriter of the Year: Amanda Mosher
* Female Vocalist: Krista Gardner
* Rock Album: Wicked Relish, “ Strange Friends”
* Adult Alternative Album: Electro Clash “J-BOM”
* Triple A Album: Michael Tiernan, “Jumping In”
* Soul R&B Artist: Will Luke
* Music Video: UFOetry: “We Never Went to the Moon” John Lee/director

December 2005 – LA Music Awards supports the troops at Guantanamo Bay

November 9th, 2006 – 16th Annual LA Music Awards – The Music Box Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,200

2006 Award Recipients
* Male Singer Songwriter of the Year Justis Kao
* Female Singer Songwriter of the Year Kimberly Faith Jones
* Hard Rock Artist of the Year Rev
* Rock Artist of the Year Outlett
* Rock Album of the Year Cory Wilkins, San Diego Summer
* Triple AAA Album of the Year Alec Bridges: Look Inside
* Pop Artist of the Year Yogi
* Rock Single of the Year Amanda Mosher “Mr Madness”
* Pop Single of the Year Lexi: “Love is Blind”
* Independent Pop Album of the Year Jupiter Blue: “Constellations and Satellites”
* Independent Record of the Year Brooke Wilkes – The Vanilla Life
* So Cal Artist of the Year Teddy Orii,Redsun
* Rock Video of The Year Jupiter Blue (for the single ‘Anthem for the Jaded’)
* Rock EP of the Year Junkies & Thieves
* Concept Video of the Year Amanda Holmes
* Newcomer Award Anyshka
* Country Music Video Jonathan Wild
* Live Performance Musical Group Four Way Free
* Originality Award Me & Heath
* Humanitarian of the Year Christall Bryan
* Indie Pro Set Award Horror Cats
* Stage Musical of the Year Jason Mershon, Rock n’ Roll Heaven
* Electronica Single of the Year Spacedrums
* Musical Score Jason Mershon, Rock n’ Roll Heaven
* Movie Soundtrack Song of the Year Candle Gwendolyn Edwards, Brad Belt
* Adult Contemporary Album Szylvia, The Voice Inside
* Solo Artist of the Year Aimee Terrin
* Neo-Soul Artist The New Congress
* Americana Artist of the Year The Michael Smith Band
* Performer of The Year Collinz Room
* Rock Guitarist of the Year Jeff Ellis
* Special Achievement Award Envy
* Blues Band of the Year The Kingpins
* Concept Album of the Year UFOetry, Blue Planet Tour

November 28th, 2007 – 1st Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards – The Whisky A Go-Go – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 560

November 29th, 2007 – 17th Annual LA Music Awards – The Music Box Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 997

November 20th, 2008 – 18th Annual LA Music Awards, 2nd Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards, 1st Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Music Box Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1179

2008 Award Recipients
* Male Singer / Songwriter: Brian Judah
* Female Singer /Songwriter: DAZZ ( Darcy Andersohn )
* Rock Single. Alestar Digby: “ Jackie”
* International Showcase Artist of the Year: Kris Searle
* Pop Single: Manda: “Wash it All Away”
* Adult Contemporary Single: Brian Judah: “ Damn These Walls”
* Triple A Single: Cohesive: “To The Stars”
* Dance Single: Jacqueline Grace “ Dance Under the Moonlight “
* Soul R&B Single: Chase Allen: “Echoes”
* Country Single: Becca: “Second Chance”
* Hip Hop Single: The Rep: “My Struggle”
* Music Video: Seminole County / Winter Springs: “ Simple Dark”
* Male Vocal Performance: Eric Erskine
* Female Vocal Performance: Tia
* Record of the Year ( Producer ): Cliff Morrison: “Know Peaking” Cliff Morrison
* Rock Album of the Year ( Artist ): The Leo Project: “ Every Song Reminds Me…….”
* Country Vocalist Male or Female: Ginger Lewis
* Pop Vocalist Male or Female: Jagger Cook
* Band My Space Web Site of the Year: Jagger Cook
* Musical Group: The Mighty Regis
* Instrumental Artist: Ken Snyder
* National Band of the Year: Headrom
* Record Producer Of The Year: Dino Maddalone
* Breakthrough Album Of The Year: Cliff Morrison
* Stage Show of the Year: UFOetry
* Guitar Performance: Lloyd Miller: The Lloyd’s of London:
* Singer/Songwriter: Jamie Meyer
* Front Person Of The Year: Winter Springs
* Country Album Of The Year: Becca
* Rock Guitarist Of The Year: Jack Ripper
* Live Male Vocalist: Craig Lyons
* Americana Album: Jefrey Taylor
* Rock Bassist Of The Year: Tori Dozier
* Acoustic Film Score Album Of The Year: Michael Barry-Rec
* Outstanding Debut Recordings: Juliette Goglia
* Acoustic Piano Album Of The Year: Margie Balter
* Jazz Performer Of The Year: Sherry Petta
* Intl. Songwriter Of The Year: Francesca DeValence
* World Music Artist Of The Year: Inca Son
* Pop Artist of the Year: Storm Kaden
* Rock EP of the Year: The Naughtones
* Christian Contemporary Artist Of The Year: Andrea Emmes
* Jazz Album Of The Year: The Diego Ramirez Trio
* Rock Revival Band Of The Year: Garden Of Eden
* Hip Hop Music Video of the Year: The Rep “My Struggle”
* Orchestral Composer Of The Year: Jon Magnificent
* Acoustic Video Performance Of The Year: Greg Reiter
* Orange County Country Artist Of The Year: Miranda Rose
* Punk Band Of The Year: Killem Gillem
* Hollywood Rock Band Of The Year: The Maension
* Inspirational Album of the Year: Marty Mitchell

2008 HFA Award Recipients
* Posthumous Award: Tawn Mastrey
* Commemorative Concert Award: Don Braker
* Lifetime Achievement in Music Production: David Kershenbaum
* Career Achievement for Hit Songs and Film Appearances: Dolores Fuller
* Lifetime Achievement for Muisc in Motion Pictures: Suzanne DeLaurentiis
* Lifetime Achievement for Film and Television Appearances: Peter Brown
* Cinematic Achievement Award: Jason DeParis
* A-list Special Achievement: Bobby Strom
* Breakthrough Actor Award: Hector Bustamante
* Career Achievement in Studio Sessions and Platinum Sales: Rockin” Reggie Vinson
* Career Achievement in Live Music Photography: Steve Haning
* Career Achievement in Choreography: JJ Villar
* Performer Of The Year: EastonAshe
* Concept Record Of The Year: Brian Judah
* Music and Cinema Award: Mark Barnes
* International Composer Of The Year: Demetrios Katis
* Rising Star Award: Julia Frys
* Hollywood Rocks ~ The Documentary: Brian Perera & Tim Yasui
* Career Achievement in LA Radio: Eric & Robert: KXLU 88.9 radio DJs
* Independent Superstar Award: Becca

November 12th, 2009 – 19th Annual LA Music Awards, 3rd Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards,
2nd Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Avalon Theater – Hollywood,, CA. – Attendance: 1,153

2009 Award Recipients
* Robin DiMaggio: Music Producer
* Dirty Dave: Internet Radio Host Award
* Candyman 187 & The Havenotz: Hip Hop Artist of the Year
* Sillken: Acoustic Duet of the Year
* Habte Sellasie: International Recording Artist
* Candyman 187: Frontman of the Year
* Shoppy: Power Trio of the Year
* Draweth Nigh: Outstanding Debut Release
* L.G. The Unwritten: Neo-Soul Artist of the Year
* Madeline Speak: Orange County Band of the Year
* LeReverie: Breakout Single “Hold Me Down”
* Don Blanquito: International Hip Hop Artist of the Year
* Eileen Carey: Dance Single of the Year
* Truth On Earth: Vocal Group of the Year
* Papa J: Entertainer of the Year
* David Bedell: Showcase Drummer of the Year
* Pamela Manning: Independent Documentary Appearance
* Mark Barnes: Composer of the Year
* Jack Mosley: Debut Video of the Year: “Drill Baby Drill”
* Fallen Martyr: Metal Album of the Year
* Michael Smith Band: Triple A Single of the Year
* Jay Bobby Hamilton: Live Instrumentalist of the Year
* Aysha: Jazz Album of the Year
* Nicki J.: National 18 & Under Artist of the Year

November 18th, 2010 – 20th Annual LA Music Awards, 4th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards, 3rd Annual Phoenix Music Awards – Paramount Studios – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,500

2010 nominees
* Hot AC Single
1. Sillken: “Adios Barcelona”
2. Sarah Lonsert: “He’s Gone Again”
3. Manda Mosher: “City of Clowns”
4. Jon Enghauser: “So Many People”
5. Truth On Earth: Sisters: Tess, Kiley & Serena.

* Pop Artist
1. Beauty Supply
2. Sarah McMullen
3. Topanga
4. Matt Annecharico
5. Hilary Weaver

* Triple A Artist
1. Paul Nagi
2. Jennifer Quiroz
3. Liz Lohnes
4. Anne Simoni
5. Manda Mosher

* Rock Artist
1. Motor Gun Hotel
2. The Lost Boys
3. The Regulators
4. Rue Lynx
5. Jon Magnificent

* Hot AC Artist
1. Clare
2. J. Grace
3. Alexa James
4. Jon Enghauser
5. Big Joe Hurt

* Country Artist
1. Hopdown Bilby Band
2. Cooper Boone
3. Natasha James
4. Erin Kalin
5. Justin Foutz

* Jazz Artist
1. Storeytime
2. Derek Frank
3. Tokeli
4. Zen Boogie
5. Aysha

* Male Vocalist
1. Kirk Hulshoff: Zombie Shakerbox
2. Andy: Madeline Speak
3. Arturo Guizar: Art of Shock
4. Patrick Storey
5. Matthew Lawrence: Burnt Matches

* Rock Drummer
1. Wendy Rose of Motor Gun Hotel
2. David Hiller of Rue Lynx
3. Chance Johnson of Draweth Nigh
4. Jim Bove of Evolution Eden
5. Peter Lust of Feisty Piranhas

* Female Singer / Songwriter
1. Amy Heffernan
2. Justine Dorsey
3. Michelle Vreeland
4. Rachel Renae
5. Truth On Earth: Sisters: Tess, Kiley & Serena.

* Female Vocalist
1. Sarah Lonsert
2. Christy Johnson: Dreamkiller
3. Megan Bobo: NEVERWONDER
4. Giselle Minns
5. Juliette Goglia

* Pop Single
1. Katie Heart: “Oblivious”
2. Mallori Nicole: “Let’s Just Dance”
3. Matt Annecharico:”You Are Not Alone”
4. Hilary Weaver: “We’re Smokin’ Hot’
5. Madisen Hill: “Suga”

* Male Singer – Songwriter
1. John Enghauser
2. Gonzalo
3. Robert Popa
4. Kirk Hulshoff
5. Michael Z. Cummings

* Country Single
1. Ginger Lewis: “Speedway”
2. KeatonScott: “Mama Cried”
3. Aaron Daniel: “Podium”
4. Diana Williamson:”Cupid You Musta Been Drinkin”
5. Hopdown Bilby Band: “Bad Times”

* Record of the Year
1. Jesse Hiatt: “Choose Your Road”
2. The Spectaculars:”You Can Look Up Now”
3. Elena: “Question Mark”
4. Amy Hefferman: “Being Awesome”
5. Amidst: “Never Better Than Nothing”

* Country Album
1. Hopdown Bilby Band: “Last Chance”
2. Cooper Boone: Self-Titled Debut
3. Keaton Scott: “Memories”
4. Justin Foutz: Self Titled Debut
5. Jeff Leonard: “I’ll Take My Chances”

* Hot AC Album
1. Chiara Angelicola: “Masquerade”
2. Gonzalo: “Borderless”
3. Sarah Lonsert: “Dream & Poetry”
4. Brian Matthew: “Now is Good”
5. Manda Mosher: “City of Clowns”
* Americana Blues Roots Single
1. Jesse Hiatt: “Hurricane”
2. Lisa Lewolt: “ Wondering Where You Are”
3. Cathy Anne McClintock: “ I Wanna Live Like That”
4. New Blues Revolution: “ Blue Revolution”
5. Shari Puorto “Free”

* Rock Album
1. Jon Magnificent:”You Wont Believe This”
2. The Lost Boys: “Look Out World”
3. Zombie Shakerbox: “Encrypted”
4. Back From Ashes: “261”
5. Zoe Scott: “Woman On Top”

* Rock Single
1. Jon Magnificent:”Proud To Be An American”
2. Black Velvet Deluxe: “My Pride”
3. Rock Star: “National Anthem 2.0”
4. Slatr: “Slatr”
5. Zoe Scott:”Eight Lovers and a One Night Stand”

* Americana Blues Roots Artist
1. Blues Gone South
2. Cathy Anne McClintock
3. Patti Rain
4. Shane O’Brien
5. Glenn Patrik

* Instrumental Artist
1. The Guy: Chris Schriener
2. Mark Barnes
3. Willie Ames
4. Adriano Aponte
5. Derek Frank

* Electronica-Dance Artist
1. Colin Green
2. Mandi Leigh
3. Nadia Sohaei
4. Kris Searle
5. King Queen

* Showcase Artist
1. Feisty Piranhas
2. Tantalus Muse
3. Burnt Matches
4. Aces High
5. Spirit Soul & Friend

* International Artist
1. Candyman 187 and the Havenotz: Los Angeles, CA
2. Militza: Latin America
3. Be Black: Ghana, West Africa
4. Adriano Aponte: Capri, Italy
5. Lace Bentley: Kingston, Jamaica

2010 Hollywood FAME Award Recipients
* Troy Blakely
* Sally Kirkland
* Max Cleland
* Jack Blades
* Ronnie James Dio

2010 Phoenix Music Award Recipients
* Record of the Year: Prophet & The Cowboys of Apocalypse: “The Edge”
* Rock Artist of the Year: Saint Madness
* Rock Album of the Year: Grain Of Truth
* Hard Rock Band of the Year: Headroom
* Metal Band of the Year: Hemoptysis
* Power Trio of the Year: The Green Lady Killers
* Breakthrough Album of the Year: Black Metal Box
* Frontman of the Year: Chuck Moore of Grain Truth
* Rock Drummer of the Year: David Bedell of Grain of Truth
* Career Achievement, Male Vocalist: Robert Mason
* Career Achievement Producer: Ryan Greene

November 10th, 2011 – 21st Annual LA Music Awards, 5th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards,
4th Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Avalon Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,122

2011 Nominees

* Male Singer/Songwriter
Willie Ames
Dave Cahow
Mark Vigil
Kris Searle
Jason Esler

* Americana, Blues & Roots Artist
Ron Tanski
Jason Esler
Bonnie Paul

* Hot AC Single
Frankie Fuchs – Deep Blue
Lazae – Girl Interrupted
Justin James – Running with the Wind
Mark Vigil – I Believe in You
Dree Paterson – Waiting

* Metal Band of the Year
Core Zero
Six Ounce Gloves
Vigilant Hotel
Back From Ashes
Punch Cabbie

* Instrumental Artist
Willie Ames
Daniel Hicks: Black Raven
Lisa LaRue 2KX
Mark Barnes

* Rock Drummer of the Year
Ivan: Freex
GIO: Red 9
Mike Mesey: American Greed
Dino Maddalone
Steven: The Next Day

* Pop Single
Sir Castanon – Puppeteer
930 – Dream On
K’Sandra – Finger On The Trigger
Brooke Rose – My Alibi
Jaymie Elliot – Black Magic

* Hip Hop Artist of the Year
Skeet: Since 1984
Troo Callin
Dee Dub
Lifted and Gifted

* Rock Single
The Vintage Tuesday – Mexico
American Greed – Bigger Than Life
Dreamkiller – Watch This
Mick Donovan Band – The Truth
In The Midst 777 – Wayward Heart

* Rock Album
Freex – Simple Good
Headroom – Radio Cries
Dreamkiller – Sleepless Dreams
Joshua Perahia – Resurrection
American Greed – Livin’ The Dream

* Pop Artist
Sheila Swift
Meghan Henry
Macy Medford
Sir Castanon

* Bassist of the Year
Jeff Lyons: Red 9
Jordin: The Next Day
Walter Bush: Generations

* International Artist or Band
Lace Bentley: Kingston, Jamaica
Elyse Simpson: Toronto, Canada
Be Black: Ghana, West Africa
Maria Elena Infantino: Rome, Italy
Fii: Vienna, Austria
Anita Prime

* Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year
Alyssa Bentley
Lace Bentley
Kris Searle & TMAC
Audrey Star

* Jazz Artist
Randell K.
Voni Crist
Sure Will
Tom Slack

* Female Singer/Songwriter
Sheila Swift
Allison Coster
Angel Smythe
Danielle LoPresti
Dree Paterson

* Record of the Year
Sheila Swift – Shape of Things
Sabastian Roberts – Unwanted Man
Angel Smythe – A Stronger Me
Justin Lanning – Behind These Eyes
Stephanie K – Good Intentions

* Americana, Blues & Roots Single
Marirose – Hiding Me”
Soup – Enemy
Foxxglove – Better Days
Bonnie Paul – The Final Song
Sarah Lonsert – I Will Rise

* Hot AC Artist
The Fallen Stars
Stephanie K.
Haydn Cole
Justin Lanning

* Guitarist of the Year
Jim Marapulous
Arqum Iqbal
Nik Kai
Joshua Perahia
Daniel Davila: The Next Day

* Country Artist
Terry Hanson
Sarah McClurg
Kai Clark
Brandon James
Sabastian Roberts

* Showcase Artist of the Year
Jon Magnificent
Nik Kai
Sabastian Roberts

* Country Single
Sabastian Roberts – Dress for the Rain
Sarah McClurg – Tennessee Rain
Mark Vigil – You Better Know Why
Kai Clark – Hope You Understand
Brandon James – Down in the Sand (With Me)

* Country Album
Sabastian Roberts – Unwanted Man
Sarah McClurg – Tennessee Rain
Brandon James – Down in the Sand
Gypsy Saddle Tramps – Walk On Down the Road
Kai Clark – Self Titled Debut Release

* Hot AC Album
Luci – Live It Up
Frankie Fuchs – Deep Blue
Marirose – Under My Skin
Justin Lanning – Behind These Eyes
Brian Lawrence – Beyond The Seven Hills of Rome

* Female Vocalist
Michelle Harding
Stephanie K

* Rock Artist
The Fab Rudies
New Rising Son
Michelle Harding
The Next Day
Jon Magnificent

* Triple A Artist
Sarah Lonsert
Manda Mosher
Amber Adair
The Vintage Tuesday
Brian Lawrence

* Male Vocalist
Brian Lawrence
Sabastian Roberts
Rick Schroeder: American Greed
Mick Donovan
Phil Galanty: Autumn Twilights

* Music Video of the Year
Freex: – Mental Rental
Eleni – Dressed In Black
Anita Prime – La La La
Marino – Satisfaction
Say Never – Pin My Wings

November 15th, 2012 – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards, 6th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards,
5th Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Avalon Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 988

2012 Award Recipients
* Jaco Pastorius (video presentation)
* David Osborne and Chuck Negron (video presentation)
* Lisa Panagos (Music Video of Year)
* Haneka Mensch Brett Walkow (video presentation)
* Hot AC Artist: AKRON
* Rock Album of the Year: AKRON
* Mark Vigil Male Singer Songwriter: Mr. Stevie Hawkins”
* Lifetime Achievement Music Publication Award: Music Connection Magazine
* Record of the Year Award: Stevie Hawkins.
* HFA producer Ron Nevison for BBC film, Can You See The Real Me: The Making of Quadrophenia.
* Lisa Panagos 3 time Los Angeles Music Awards winner in 2012
* Jason Becker Inspiration Award.
* Lady Zeppelin. She is nominated for 3 Los Angeles Music Awards in 2012.
* National Female Rock Performer of the Year. Deborah Magone!
* International Athletic Inspiration: Olga Korbut
* Monks of Mellonwah.3 nominations under their belts in 2012
* International Rock Band of the Year: Monks of Mellonwah
* Career Achievement Award, Rock Guitarist to Monte Pittman.
* LA Music Awards to recipients: Nicole Willard, Contagious, Aoede, Black Raven, Jay Gordon,
Sharon Butcher, Thunderbeat, Dezmond Meeks, Cheating Daylight,
Sean Ward, Marirose, Tom Slack, Mikey Jayy, Stephanie K.,
Dino M., Jimmy Lee Young, Dead Legend, Win the Day, Mozaik,
Atomic Punks, Britt Flatmo, Aaron Landon
* HFA for Career Achievement in Journalism Award to Freida Wills.
* Los Angeles Music Awards Musical Group of the Year: FAT TREE
* Phoenix Music Awards Musical Group of the Year: FAT TREE
* Rising Stars Award to Dorsey Girls, Kerris and Justine.
* International Artist of the Year: Giuseppina Torre
* Rising Star Award to Fivel Stewart.
* National Community Service Award: Stanley Kramer Library
* Christian Contemporary Artist of the Year: Tehrah
* Rock n’ Roll Humanitarian to Ron Whitaker and Rodeca.
* National 18 and Under Award for Musical Excellence: Mahkenna
* Producers Choice recipient: International Solo Performer of the Year: Giuseppina Torre
* National Crooner of the Year: Douglas Cameron
* Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Solspeak
* Breakthrough Video Video: “Another Weekend”: Lannie Flowers
* National touring Artist of the Year: Calico
* Career Achievement Instrumentalist: David Longoria
* Career Achievement in Visual Arts: Olga Korbut
* Community Inspiration Award: Tehrah
* Live Performer of the Year: MK Ultra
* Metal Album of the Year: “Carnimetal”: St. Madness

November 14th, 2013 – 23nd Annual LA Music Awards, 7th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards,
6th Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Avalon Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,050

November 12th, 2014 – 24th Annual LA Music Awards, 8th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards,
7th Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Avalon Theater – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance: 1,050

2014 Award Recipients
* Lifetime Achievement Award: Rock Radio Host: Frazer Smith
* National Touring Artist of the Year: Bill Ward
* Female Vocalist Award: Ashley Krouse.
* Patrick Hicks
* Dance Duo of the year: Angela Borer
* Rock Duo of the Year: the Chasen Project.
* Pop Dance Performance of the Year: Mahkenna.
* 7 awards: V2
* Concert Performer of the Year: David Osborne.
* Career Achievement in the Magical Arts: Murray SawChuck
* Breakthrough LA Band of theYear: Exit North
* Career Achievement Award: Music Producer: David Longoria.
* Hot AC Single: Anders-Royal
* Male Singer Songwriter: Anders-Royal
* Community Support: Integral Products
* Career Achievement: Session & Touring Musician: Freddie Salem .
* Tribute Artist of the Year: Petty Fever

2014 Hollywood FAME Award Recipients
* HFA Career Achievement Award: Danny Trejo.
* HFA International Breakthrough Actor Award to Katherine Castro.
* HFA Literary Award goes to Marc Canter for Reckless Road.
* HFA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for Male Actor: John Savage
* HFA Legacy in Television Award to Charlene Tilton.
* HFA 2014 Rising Star Award: Christina DeRosa
* HFA Lifetime Achievement Female Actor. Linda Blair

September 17th, 2015 – 25th Annual LA Music Awards, 9th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards
, 8th Annual Phoenix Music Awards – The Whisky-a-go-go – Hollywood, CA. – Attendance:TBD

2015 Award Recipients


Whatever the venue, this event has consistently drawn big crowds and a strong contingent of music industry professionals and major celebrities.