Executive Producer: Al Bowman
Executive Producer: Susanna Griffie
Venue Manager: Tisa Mylar
Executive Production Coordinator: Robert Guthrie
Event Publicist & Red Carpet Media Coordinator: Liz Rodriguez
Equipment Manager and Lead Stage Hand: Norm Sancho
Stage Production Manager: Charlie Wood
Venue Production Assistant: Daniel Hicks
Venue Production Assistant: Jeffery Bertrand
Production Assistant: Bette Teichman
Red Carpet Security Director: Brent Bailey
Event Coordinator: Jeff Justice
Red Carpet Coordinator: Andrew Waldman
Senior Red Carpet Video Host
Red Carpet Co-Host: Natalia Alexandra
John Herrera: Event Plaques Organizer
Mike Miller: Production Assistant
Tara Mylar: Box Office Manager
Tony Filipic: Video Coordinator and Producer
Scotty Fenceman: Outdoor Security
Melissa Rebronja: Set decorator
Tina Sousa: Set decorator
Valerie Ince: Set decorator

Whisky A Go-Go Staff: 1 Soundman, 1 Lighting Person, 1 Stage Sound and monitor Operator, 4 In-House Security Personnel, In-House Bartenders, 3 In-House Food and Beverage Servers.